Saturday, April 17, 2010

Processing Options for SSAS Objects


Process Default: (Applicable for **All objects)
Performs the minimum number of tasks required to fully initialize the object. The server converts this option to one of the other options based on the object state.

Process Full (Applicable for All objects)
Drops the object stores and rebuilds the object. Metadata changes, such as adding a new attribute to a dimension, require Process Full.

Process Update (Only for Dimensions) 
Applies member inserts, deletes, and updates without invalidating the affected cubes.

Process Add (Only for Dimension & Partition)
Adds only new data.

Process Data (Dimension, cube, measure group, partition)

Loads the object with data without building indexes and aggregations.

Process Index(Dimension, cube, measure group, partition)
Retains data and builds only indexes and aggregations.

Unprocess (All Objects) 
Deletes the object data or the data in the containing objects.

Process Structure ( Only CUBE)
Deletes the partition data and applies Process Default to the cube dimensions.


**SSAS objects list
  • Database
  • Dimension
  • Cube
  • Measure group
  • Partition
  • Mining structure
  • Mining model

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  1. Hey Manish,

    The process Default options is not working in my case. I am using SSAS 2008. When I use process default options, it did not update the data in cube. Can you help me out regarding it